Catching Up!!

Whew- it has been awhile! Classes were crazy last week and I was struggling to keep up. Really struggling.

I cheated…. a lot. Dont worry, I didnt go eat a whole cake or anything. However, I did consume quite a bit of gluten free granola and dark chocolate. Making a huge life change is all about transitioning slowly and trying to make better choices.

The good news: I got really good grades on all of my exams & still losing weight/feeling better!!! (So maybe a little worth it?) 

The menu for this week:

Breakfast: skillet of spicy sausage, zucchini, mushrooms, tomatoes, and egg whites with coffee and stevia

Snack: Larabar

Lunch: salad of kale, romaine, broccoli slaw, pumpkin seeds, and fig dressing (organic aisle) and apple

Dinner: paleo oatmeal and some type of protein (chicken, eggs, pulled pork) on the side

Studying Snack: unsweetened green tea 

Paleo Oatmeal: SOOOOO GOOD

(Preparing for the week- I separated mine to 5 servings) 

2 acorn squash- cooked for 1 hour and 15 minutes at 400 degrees, cut in half and cook cut side down 

cinnamon 1 tbsp (I also sprinkled some on the squash during cooking) 

2tbsp of almond butter

ground flax seed (1/2c) 

Scrape squash and mix all ingredients in a bowl- add nuts and fruit for an amazing crunch and sweetness right before eating. This is amazing hot or cold- try it!!!! 



There is no crying in Crossfit.

Yeah so its been one of THOSE days- you know the days where nothing really catastrophic happens but you are all bummed anyway. 

Sounds about right- 5am wake up call, 2 exams, and 7 hours of class (dont even ask me what happened in biomechanics) on not much sleep threw a wrench into today. 

Breakfast: hot sausage, egg whites, & all my favorite veggies sauted; almond butter & banana

Snack: coffee with almond milk, pumpkin muffin

Lunch: Chicken & kale, acorn squash with walnuts, and apple

Snack: green tea & lara bar

WOD: max out on squats- set off the initial emotion going below parallel is a total killer and I am not even close to my undergrad squat max.

5rep @ 135

Then 150 ball slams- 3 handstand kick ups every minute Time 11:45

Dinner: 2 mini meat loafs, broccoli, frozen strawberries

Today I really struggled with the workout- first I am just mentally drained and physically super tired. My guard was down and I let myself get frustrated. My downfall is patience with myself and I totally showed I did not have it today- 1 month of crossfit and 2 weeks of paleo will not make me the best. I know that I have to work continually for awhile to get where I want to be, but I am my hardest critic and after today I am not feeling that great. No tears, but I got pretty dang close. 

On the upside, the frustration I am experiencing has made me fired up to go in tomorrow and hit it hard after class. 

Literally 9:30pm and I am in bed about to pass out. The struggle is real. 



Week 1 & Today

Yay- down 2lbs as of this morning at 6am before breakfast!!! Small accomplishments are coming in & keeping me pushing forward!!!

Breakfast: 2 egg muffins, 1/4 sweet potato, banana & almond butter

Snack: pumpkin muffin & coffee w/ truvia

WOD: 21-18-15-12-9-6-3 WBS (8) DL (53) Box Jumps (18) in 13 minutes (level 1 lurong benchmarking workout) I will repeat this workout at the end of the two month to gage my fitness increase. 

Lunch: Cumin chicken & kale, cucumber with balsamic, apple

Snack: Starbucks blonde roast with coconut milk & cinnamon 

Dinner: Chicken & broccoli 

Also making acorn squash for the first time! Trying new recipes has really brought me through this so far- so much variety and with trying new textures it is hard to feel deprived! Really loving the way I feel- alert during the day and sleeping well at night. I fatigued quickly in the workout today, but I may just really be that out of shape!


Breakfast: 2 egg muffins & 1/4 sweet potato; coffee with stevia

Lunch: salad with chicken and fruit

Snack: paleo potluck- tried tons of recipes and found a cookbook I want to order! 

Dinner: green salad & last pot of chili

This Saturday!

Breakfast: 2 egg muffins, dried fig, coffee 

WOD: 400m run; 50 med ball cleans (10lb), 50 kettlebell swings (20lb), 50 burpees> Really working on muscle endurance- my quads are shot right now! 

Lunch: Chicken & veggies, green salad, 1/4 sweet potato

Snack: apple & cinnamon, pumpkin muffin

Dinner: Ynot chopped salad with turkey, oil & vinegar

Dessert: lara bar

Goal for next week: reduce fruit intake and up vegetable intake to get my body more used to burning fat. 

Yesterday 9/21

Yesterday was super eventful- PT White Coat Ceremony!! Official induction into the program. So happy that my dreams/goals are coming true! 

With events come temptation…. I tried to stay good, but then realized the all fruit smoothie I was drinking had peanut butter… and the “allergy free” bars someone made had milk… So another +2 for Lurong.

Breakfast: 2 egg muffins, banana

Snack: lara bar

Lunch: Chili, green salad, apple

Snack: banana, peanut butter, & apple juice smoothie & pumpkin bar

Exercise: 2 co-ed softball games> I ran a lot of plates 🙂 

Dinner: chili, peanut butter & apple, 2 dried figs, pumpkin muffin

So I was a little hungry last night…. no judgement right?

I have the power to resist.

So I had a get together with some girlfriends tonight and they had cupcakes. Amazing looking, gorgeous cupcakes. 

I didnt want one. Minor victory for me! I was just looking forward to the banana waiting on me at home. The secret to success is being prepared right?

Breakfast: 2 egg/veggie muffins, pumpkin muffin, almond milk

Snack: Lara Bar, coffee & stevia

Lunch: small green salad & chili

Snack: Almonds

Dinner: Steak, egg & veggie scramble; pumpkin muffin, almond milk

Dessert: banana & almond butter, dried figs.

Yeah… so I have a high fat and fruit content- I need to cut that down in the following weeks. Still feeling really sleepy. First exam of the semester tomorrow!! I better get some rest! 

So Im Skinny Now?

Oh so no big deal, but my cousin just asked me if Im losing weight.

Yeah so its been less than 48 hours, but it could happen right?! Either way I am ecstatic! Motivation for the next few days for sure. It is nice to have encouragement from surroundings. 

Breakfast: egg muffin, pumpkin muffin, banana & almond milk

Snack: larabar, coffee & truvia

Lunch: chili, green salad, apple

Snack: grapes (way too many- I might be purple tomorrow) & almonds; pumpkin spice latte!! 

Dinner: chili, banana & almond butter, pumpkin muffin

A full 8 hours of sleep last night and looking to get the same tonight- I hope that my body adjusts quickly to the new food pattern so that I have more energy during classes. I want to be a better person overall so my grades need to stay up! 

Other than feeling tired my body feels great! I hope to only improve from here! 

Pumpkin Spice Latte

So I don’t know about you, but for me Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Lattes are pretty much the highlight of the fall. I love them…. Even more after the 7:56 commercial (YouTube it).
Not very paleo… WOMP so I’m making a paleo latte at the suggestion from a comment on my last post! Woohoo
Armed with pumpkin, almond milk, coffee, pumpkin spice, and a keurig I’m ready!


Result- pretty stinking good (if you like black coffee)! This will be my go to when the craving strikes!!!


Yikes Im tired!

So today was a little more rough… maybe a lotta rough… 

Breakfast: egg muffin & pumpkin muffin, almond milk, and banana; coffee with 1 truvia

Snack: lara bar & 1/4c. almonds

Lunch: small mixed vegetable salad with olive oil & vinegar, chili (which is awesome!), apple

4pm Xfit workout: 6×6 6×5 squats 50%, 5-10-15 AMRAP pullups, pushups, & squats

Dinner: chili (yes, again), small green salad w/ grapes

Dessert: banana & almond butter (YUMMMMM) 

I should have started heavier on my squats (75lbs+5lb on climb set)> New goal (85lb+ 10lbs a set). And really need to work on my pushups…. weak sauce. 

I got about 7.5 hours of sleep last night, but today I was so sleepy- I cant tell if its mental (I was told I would be tired after starting pale, but come on! I has been 1 Day!), absence of 3c. of coffee, or just not enough sleep. Still have lots of studying to do this evening. 

However, nothing feels better than knowing that I will be healthier at the end of this. All of the hunger pains, moody days, and dealing with Pumpkin Spice Latte withdrawals will all be worth it in the end.